Report | Trans-Atlantic Racial Redress Network. Spanish Case


The “Trans-Atlantic Racial Redress Network” Project is an initiative that stems from the “African-American Redress Network” project led by Columbia University (NY) and the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center at Howard University. The latter has sought to conduct a mapping and advocate for reparations for individuals, families or groups who suffer or have suffered from historical injustices based on race in the United States.

The project, initially conceived for the US context, albeit adaptable to other geographical and historical realities, through case studies undertaken in the Netherlands (NIOD/University of Amsterdam) and Spain (European Observatory on Memories – University of Barcelona), has ultimately managed to initiate a multi-site and comparative phase. This report presents the findings of the latter during the mapping phase.

Full Report (PDF)

Project coordination: Celeste Muñoz and Oriol Lopez
Data collection: María Pereira, Marc Riu and Sarai Martín

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