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Illustrating the episodes of our history in the streets

Articulated as another actor in a multidisciplinary network of social and professional agents, Murs de Bitàcola can be defined as a multidisciplinary and flexible project. It aims to be enriched while contributing to a set of initiatives and projects that work from various fields to achieve common goals: memory, community and culture.

Murs de Bitàcola is an adaptable tool that can be the trigger and starting point of community and participative processes, or the culmination of previous initiatives and activities such as talks and training on episodes of history, creation of community digital photographic archives or participatory processes, as well as a cultural activity that sums to the existing dynamics and activities. One of its basic premises is to respect and attend to the needs and characteristics of each community with which it works.



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Murs de Bitàcola, by euromemories

Other Institutions Involved

  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
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