I, Transvestite


In something akin to a dramaturgical drag act, author Josep Maria Miró wrote an autofiction based on Roberto G. Alonso’s biography, bringing us into contact with avant-garde and transgressive artitst such as Mirko, Derkas, Leopoldo Fregoli, Edmond de Bries, Asensio Vidal, Pirondello, Ocaña, Violeta la Burra, Carmen de Mairena or Ángel Pavlovski, among others, as well as with legendary venues such as the Wuli-Chang, the Criolla, the Edén Concert, the Cúpula Venus or the Bohemia bodega. The show will be premiered at the former prison La Model in an act of transformative poetic justice.

Roberto G. Alonso – as heir to the sequins, stilettos and feathers of more than a hundred years of history on our stages – is accompanied by Jazmine Verdaguer, alter ego of the musician Jordi Cornudella.

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I, transvestite. Theatre show | Co-production


July 17.19, 2023


La Model
C/ d’Entença, 155

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