I, transvestite

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The show “I, transvestite” combines theatre, music and dance to pay tribute to the art of drag and some of the most famous cross-dressers of our culture and stages. The production is the result of the partnership between choreographer and performer Roberto G. Alonso and author and director, Josep Maria Miró.


“I, transvestite,” is an alternative fiction about cross-dressing that celebrates the art and culture of drag, as well as the drag artists and star impersonators who have a longstanding tradition in Spain dating back to the early twentieth century. These individuals continue to grace our shores to this day.

In a performance resembling a dramatic drag act, author Josep Maria Miró writes an autofiction based on Roberto G. Alonso’s biography. This narrative introduces us to avant-garde and transgressive figures such as Mirko, Derkas, Leopoldo Fregoli, Edmond de Bries, Asensio Vidal, Pirondello, Ocaña, Violeta la Burra, Carmen de Mairena, and Ángel Pavlovski, among others. It also explores legendary venues like the Wuli-Chang, the Criolla, the Edén Concert, the Cúpula Venus, and the Bohemia bodega.

About the artists

Roberto G. Alonso holds a degree in Contemporary Dance from the Institut del Teatre and a bachelor’s degree in Art History. In 1995, he founded the company that bears his name. He has created around a dozen shows, including theatre and street performances, as well as shows designed for family audiences. Additionally, he works as a movement coach in plays and contemporary operas and serves as a stage director.

Some of his most renowned works include “A mí no me escribió Tennessee Williams” (2016), “Laberint Striptease” (2019) – a tribute to cabaret and the artistry of Joan Brossa – and “Marúnica” (2020), a family show dedicated to the surrealist painter Maruja Mallo.

Josep Maria Miró has written over twenty plays, adaptations, and dramatizations, many of which have had more than a hundred premieres worldwide. One of his notable works is “El cuerpo más bonito que se habrá encontrado nunca en este lugar” (2020), a play that earned him the prestigious Born Awards for the third time. In 2022, he was also honored with the Premio Nacional de Literatura Dramática by the Spanish Ministry of Culture for the same play.

Miró is the author of “Tiempo salvaje” (2018), which received the Max Award, as well as “Nerium Park” (2013), “El principio de Arquímedes” (2011), and “Gang Bang” (2010). In this production, clarinetist and composer Jordi Cornudella, known for his compositions in film, theatre, and various shows, acts and performs. Cornudella also takes on the responsibility of musical direction.

As a member of the theatre company Anemisko, Cornudella has been involved in the production “Hem vingut aquí a deixar les coses clares” (2017), directed by Jordi Oriol. He has also collaborated with Roberto G. Alonso in the aforementioned productions of “Laberint Striptease” (2019) and “Marúnica” (2020).

Artistic Card

Original idea and direction: Josep Maria Miró, Roberto G. Alonso. Assistant director: Marta Fernández Martí. Performing: Roberto G. Alonso, Jordi Cornudella. Set: Albert Pascual. Lighting design: Ganecha Gil. Sound space design: Arnau Grande. Communication: Marta Fernández. Executive production: Joan Solé, Gemma Ros. Photography: May Zircus.

A co-production by Cia. Roberto G. Alonso, Grec Festival Barcelona, FiraTàrrega, Joan Brossa Foundation – Liberal Arts Centre, and the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) – University of Barcelona’s Solidarity Foundation.


Press kit Grec Festival


Former prison La Model, within the Grec Festival Barcelona

Fira Tàrrega, Teatre Ateneu de Tàrrega

Fundació Joan Brossa – Centre de les Arts Lliures

Teatro Principal, Palma

Corral de Comedias, Alcalá de Henares

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