Destierro (Banishment)

Opening of the exhibition

The Chilean visual artist Cecilia Zabaleta, granddaughter of a refugee who arrived in Chile on the ship Winnipeg, presents a new work on the memories of exile to reveal aspects linked to biographical fractures, human fragility, the marks of uprooting, deconstruction and construction of meanings, survival as a form of resistance and the possibility of reconstructing new vital projects where absence and presence coexist.  Using testimonies from other exiles, the exhibition is being presented at the Montjuïc Castle of Barcelona coinciding with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the military coup that gave rise to the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, a period marked by political persecution, death and exile.

Under the curatorship of Roberto Fuertes, Zabaleta proposes an itinerary through the experiences of her vital itinerary, “expressively using a suggestive language based on creations in oil paint and mixed technique with documentary fragments, interlined with epigraphs by the author herself. Proposal that is reflected in compositions of fractured landscapes, allegory of cracked objects, and cartographic gestures”.

The opening will take place on September 15 at 12,30, and will be followed by a guided visit with the artist and the curator.  The exhibition will be on display at the Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona until November 28.

Destierro (Banishment)

About the artist

Cecilia Zabaleta articulates the search for different artistic languages throughout testimonies and memory archive material.  Memory and exile have been the thematic axes of her latest works, approached from vital breaks, fragility and the traces of uprooting. This has resulted in exhibition projects such as Exile, One-Way Ticket, Migrant Memory, and Winnipeg Memory exhibited in Santiago de Chile and Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Gernika).

Complementary activities

Mediated visit with the artist and curator

  • September 22 at 6 pm

Workshop “Passages of memory”

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Destierro (Banishment)

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September 15, 2023
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