Fleeing bombs. From Barceloneta to uptown Barcelona

A short documentary film highlighting five testimonies of the evacuation of the neighborhood of Barceloneta due to the bombings of the fascist aviation during the Spanish Civil War. The stories focus on the return of the population after the war and on the experiences under the early years of dictatorship. The airstrikes were so intense over this part of the city that most families were evacuated to other locations, especially in the upper area, where numerous flats and villas had become empty due to the escape of their wealthy landlords.

The videos are part of the research project “Fleeing bombs. From Barceloneta to uptown Barcelona“, led by the Association Conèixer Història. Developed in 2018 and 2019, the project includes a traveling exhibition released in 2018 and research on archival, bibliographic and testimonial data.

OV in Catalan with English subtitles.

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