Thematic Area: Second World War

Mémorial de la Shoah

Content Type: partners
The Holocaust as a starting point Content Type: activities
Teaching about genocides (Barcelona) Content Type: activities

Université Bordeaux Montaigne

Content Type: partners
Memory, Art & Identity Content Type: activities
Pyrenees, territory of memories Content Type: activities
Nationaal Monument Kamp Amersfoort Content Type: memorial_heritage
Our Memories and I – France and Spain Content Type: activities
Herrinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork Content Type: memorial_heritage

Aarhus University – Uses of the Past

Content Type: partners
International Holocaust Remembrance Day Content Type: activities
The bombings of Barcelona and London Content Type: activities
Remembrance, transmission and education Content Type: activities
Rab Concentration Camp Content Type: memorial_heritage
Gonars Concentration Camp Content Type: memorial_heritage
Narrating fascism Content Type: activities
In Between? Conference Content Type: activities
[Picture: Republican refugees standing under a sign saying "Gran-Hotel Euzkeldun no. 95" at an internment camp for Spanish exiles, Le Barcarès, France. The Robert Capa and Cornell Capa Archive, 2014]
Camp d’internement du Barcarés Content Type: memorial_heritage
Retirada por el Coll de Balitres entre Portbou y Cerbère. Fons Peneff. Fotos Maneul Moros.
Cerbère Content Type: memorial_heritage,_1940.jpg
Camp d’internement de Saint-Cyprien Content Type: memorial_heritage
Civil Wars in the Contemporary Era Content Type: activities
MEFRO meeting in Berlin Content Type: activities

Crossborder Factory

Content Type: partners

KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen

Content Type: partners

Topographie des Terrors

Content Type: partners

Maison d’Izieu

Content Type: partners

Istituto Nazionale Ferruccio Parri

Content Type: partners
January 27th: Holocaust Remembrance Day Content Type: activities
Form-Architecture-Memory Content Type: activities
Memory, art, tourism and heritage Content Type: activities
EPCC du Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes Content Type: memorial_heritage
Argelès-sur-Mer Content Type: memorial_heritage
The Novelized Memory Content Type: activities
Memory and learning in a changing World Content Type: activities

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