Report | Online Memories #7

Preliminary considerations

For more than three years, the Online Memories project has sought to monitor and analyse memories on the web, specifically on Twitter, through the narratives of the different communities we have identified. During this time, we have developed a transdisciplinary collaboration (memory studies – computer science) that has also enabled us to discuss an interpretative theoretical body. The idea of this project has always been to address, from social
science, the opportunities offered by the digital world as a space not only for storing information, but also as a space for socialisation and, therefore, where all the conflicts and phenomena of society are replicated and reproduced. To this end, we have theorised about the hashtag as a place of memory, about sociological profiles and what are known as Twitter bubbles, and also about such commonplace phenomena as Fake News and the limits of information circuits, in order to be able to interconnect all of these elements.

This is the last year of this project as we consider to have produced enough material to enable future approaches, discussion, and debate. The results have been materialised in seven reports, reachable on the EUROM website. The 8th report will be issued in the second semester of 2022 and will contain a theoretical summary, a broad reflection on the results of the project as a whole, a methodological assessment, as well as an update of the sociological profile.

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