Memorial Book for the Dead of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and its Subcamps

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More than  90,000 people were murdered in the Mauthausen concentration camp and its subcamps between August 1938 and May 1945, or died immediately after liberation as a result of their imprisonment. To remember them, on 15 May the KZ-Gedenkstätte Memorial Mauthausen presented the ‘Memorial Book for the Dead of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and its Subcampsin the presence of Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer and Federal Minister of the Interior Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka in the Visitor Centre of the Mauthausen Memorial.

The two volumes reproduce the names and dates of birth of over 84,000 people whose identities  have been reconstructed through years of research, including the original spelling of  their names used in their home countries. The companion volume to the edition is made up of academic commentaries and a biography section. The academic articles introduce readers to the history of the project and editorial decisions, illuminate the historical background and place the project within the larger context of the commemoration of those who died in the Mauthausen concentration camp and its subcamps. The second part of the companion volume contains over 300 personal, academic and literary biographies written by over 250 project partners about those who were murdered in the Mauthausen concentration camp system, or who later died as a result of that imprisonment.

The project was carried out by the Association for Remembrance and Historical Research in Austrian Concentration Camp Memorials in cooperation with the Mauthausen Memorial. It was supported and financed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for the Victims of National Socialism and the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria.

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