Catalog: The Yugoslav Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War: History and Cultural Memory

This exhibition offers a tour through the historical memory of the Yugoslav Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. It brings a historical introduction to the war in Spain and the phenomenon of the volunteers in the International Brigades, with an emphasis on those from the countries that made up the former Yugoslavia, and on gender issues by focusing on the role of women in the brigades. The exhibition also pays tribute to the creative explosion that produced one of the most active cultural responses ever seen during a military conflict and reveals the mark left by the International Brigades in the society of the former Yugoslavia.  In the final sections, it describes the controversies surrounding the removal of plaques, street names, distinctions, and sculptures in memory of the brigadistas.

47 pages.
Trilingual issue: English, Spanish and Croatian.
Legal deposit number: b 3170-2021


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Without a doubt, memory is a permanent process that obliges us to rethink the present. Not only do we learn from the past, but with exhibitions like this one we consider international values, the values of European construction, critical and analytical debates, but we also reinforce our democratic memory through learning. All that remains is to congratulate the authors and everyone involved in the creation of the exhibition on this fine achievement.


Jordi Guixé (Introduction)

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