MEFROP – European Memories on the Pyrenees Border

Mémoires d’Europe aux Frontières des Pyrénées

The Pyrenees border is characterized by a rich multiplicity of memories. Many actors, including associations, institutions and academics, are engaged in memory-related studies, practices and policies. This is the reason why the aim of MEFROP is to build a long-lasting network through a cross-border, multicultural project on memorial heritage that relies on digital resources.

The main goal is to create a permanent structure, consolidating a group to promote debate and knowledge, strongly based in the territory and including public and private actors. Nonetheless, the most important aspect of this project is to establish working lines, as well as social and academic networks, to analyze and enhance the richness—diverse and exemplary—of the history and memory of these border territories featuring a great transdisciplinary, transnational and multicultural potential.

Other Institutions Involved

ISOSAC – Ideologies i Societat a la Catalunya Contemporània – Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Catalonia), Fundación del Museo de la Paz de Gernika (Basque Country), ISGREC (Istituto storico grossetano della Resistenza e dell’età contemporanea) (Italy), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße (Berlin), Center for Contemporary Arts (Estonia), Asociación Trayectorias (Francia).


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