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Exploring our cities through historic and civic education

The project “My City Through Time. Exploring our cities through historic and civic education (MCT)” aims to contribute to the recognition and improvement of youth work and its practices and to strengthen the link between youth work and civic and historic education.

The project will provide new skills, competencies, working methods, and materials related to youth work and historic and civic education. At the same time, because of its thematic focus, it will involve young people in a reflection on understanding diversities, the importance of intercultural dialogue, inclusion, and human rights.

The project develops from the idea that the cities we live in are not neutral, but are carriers of values and narratives, and communicate them through elements of its public space, such as monuments, names of streets and squares, and architecture. By critically exploring their cities through the methods of historic and civic education, the project partners will tackle different relevant topics for today’s youth, such as the rise of radicalization, nationalism, and populism, issues of equal representation, and the spreading of stereotypes and prejudices among young people. Because of this reason, through the project’s activities and results, young people will become more able to critically approach complex topics related to historical and social changes in the 20th century and better understand the origin and the causes of contemporary challenges, including issues such as memory, identity, representation, inclusion, and democracy.

Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-KA220-YOU-000087391

Project Consortium

  • Documenta Zagreb
  • Block Frei
  • Artistania
  • United Societies of Balkans
  • quarantasette zero quattro
  • Pekarna
  • European Observatory on Memories of the University of Barcelona’s Solidarity Foundation

Dissemination activity 1

Call for participation: The memories of Barcelona projected to young people

When: April 25, 2023
Venue: University of Barcelona
Coordinator: David González | PhD

The aim of this call is to present the selection of spaces and issues that are being worked within the “MCT” project in the city of Barcelona and to explore the possibilities of working on our colonial past, sub-housing, the revolutionary process of 1936/ 1937, and the struggles of different social movements such as the anti-Franco movement or the LGTBIQ+ collective. The aim of the meeting is also to develop a cooperative space for reflection and debate on the didactic potential of these spaces.

The work and synergies shared in this first workshop will give rise to the preparation of a public activity addressed to young people, which will be scheduled at the end of May.

For further information and registration, please contact us at [email protected]

Dissemination activity 2

When: May 17, 2023
Venue: High School 4 Cantons – Barcelona
Coordinator: David González | PhD

Students of the High School 4 Cantons (Barcelona) will take the tour “Barcelona’s Social Revolution (1936-1937)”, guided by Laia Gallego Vila. 

Project meeting

Sharing pedagogical methodologies and materials

When: June 02-04, 2023
Venue: Berlin


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