The conference “Resistance and Solidarity” will gather representatives of institutions and organisations active in the field of memory

The 11th edition of the European Remembrance Symposium and the 6th edition of Taking Stock of European Memory Policies will take place as a joint event in Barcelona on 9–11 May, 2023. The meeting “Resistance and Solidarity“, organized by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) and the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) of the University of Barcelona’s Solidarity Foundation, will bring together hundreds of representatives of the institutions and organisations active in the field of 20th-century history and memory. 

Barcelona, March 14, 2023 –  The European Remembrance Symposium and Taking Stock of European Memory Policies aim to initiate and deepen cooperation between institutions and organisations involved in researching Europe’s 20th-century history. The idea behind this joint event is the conviction that dialogue concerning the history of the last century is needed, taking into account various sensitivities, experiences and existing interpretations. Over three days, an international group of academics and practitioners from different countries will discuss the importance and role of resistance and solidarity in the context of past and contemporary conflicts. 

The questions to be discussed during the conference include: to what extent can remembrance and its practices be forms of solidarity? What historical examples of solidarity reflect all those democratic values that urgently need to be strengthened in the context of the challenges facing 21st-century democracies, including the current Russian aggression, the refugee and energy crises and their likely long-term consequences? What are the less obvious expressions of solidarity in the various contexts of memory culture, arts, economics, law, education, journalism and civic activism, and what best practices make these expressions effective?

The organisers invite representatives of museums and memorial sites, staff of academic and educational institutions, as well as NGOs active in the field of 20th-century history. The three-day conference will offer the participants an opportunity to attend both discussion panels and networking sessions, in which their institutions and projects can be presented to a wider audience. The programme also includes cultural visits and historical guided tours of museums and memorial sites in Barcelona. 

Among the speakers and moderators of the Barcelona symposium are the historian Keith Lowe, the former member of the opposition and one of the founders of the Committee for the Defense of Workers in Poland, Piotr Naimski, and the philosopher Carmen Magallón.

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