The EUROM and the LRE Foundation sign a Memorandum of Understanding to kick off their collaboration

The European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) and the LRE Foundation are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Both institutions share the same mission of raising awareness of the history and memory of the Second World War. Therefore, this partnership establishes the foundation for future collaborations aimed at achieving their common goals, including new projects, events, and awareness campaigns, while helping both parties to expand their networks.

Led by the University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation since 2012, EUROM works as a transnational network of institutions and organisations committed to the analysis and promotion of public policies of memory. With a reflective view of the history of Europe and the past struggle for freedom and democracy, EUROM wants to contribute to more plurality, solidarity, tolerance and inclusion in our society.

The LRE Foundation, as well as EUROM, commits to preserving the cultural heritage related to the Second World War with its growing international network of people and organisations dedicated to remembrance and a vast array of projects and events designed to ensure that the memory endures.

“The EUROM and the LRE Foundation are embarking on an invaluable collaboration that holds the promise of not only enhancing and broadening the reach of both our networks, but also nurturing a dynamic exchange of experiences. By uniting our efforts, we aspire to create a diverse, inclusive, and globally connected community where younger generations actively participate in preserving and promoting historical memory and its solidarity values”, highlights Jordi Guixé, Director of the EUROM.

“Through our partnership with EUROM, we have the valuable opportunity to connect and reinforce diverse networks, tap into precious research expertise in memory analysis, and gain insights from their work on various conflicts beyond the Second World War. EUROM’s successful projects, including training and events, serve as best practices, inspiring us to collaborate on initiatives that preserve and promote our shared history,” says Rémi Praud, Managing Director of the LRE Foundation.

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