Barcelona presents the project for the monument of the women’s prison of Les Corts


  • The winning project of the second phase of the competition launched by the City Council of Barcelona for the memory space and monument of the women’s prison of Les Corts was presented in Barcelona on October 10, 2018
  • With this memorial space, Barcelona recovers the memory of the women’s jail to responding to a long claim of the civil society
  • The winning proposal gives continuity to the participatory process launched in 2013 with the Plataforma Futur Monument a la Presó de Dones de Les Corts and highlights the creation of a pacified public space that will include the entire perimeter of the disappeared prison
  • The memorialist intervention focuses on the enlargement of the northwest corner of the streets Joan Güell and Europa as a space of memory, adding a land-art monument to the current intervention of the informative totems, which will become permanent
  • The winning proposal is presented by the professor of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona Núria Ricart, the architect Jordi Henrich, and the historian Fernando Hernández Holgado
  • A total of five projects participated in the contest to develop the external work coordinated from the City Council of Barcelona by a team of technicians of Urban Ecology and Mobility, Institute of Culture of Barcelona – Memory Management, and History and Heritage and District of Les Corts
Monument Les Corts

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