“All along the watchtower” is presented in Barcelona


  • The memorial performance was developed by a group of artists from the former German Democratic Republic and has been premiered on November 8 in Berlin as part of the commemorative programme for the 30 anniversary of  of the fall of the wall;
  • Produced by the European Observatory on Memories, it will be presented at El Born CCM on November 29 at 7 pm within the programme Paradigma Mur. Berlín – Barcelona 1989-2019 / 1961-2021;
  • The casting includes the classic guitarist Nora Buschmann, the Berlin alternative group Herbst in Peking !, and the actress Ines Burdow;
  • In Barcelona, the show includes the special participation of actor Alex Brendemühl.


All along the watchtower Barcelona

Pictures of the show in Barcelona. El Born CCM, November 29, 2019. ©EUROM – Fundació Solidaritat UB

All along the watchtower

Pictures of the show in Berlin. Zionskirche, November 8, 2019. ©EUROM – Fundació Solidaritat UB

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