Crossborder Factory


Crossborder Factory is a European think-and-do tank. Its goal is the strengthening of intercultural competence and European commitment. Crossborder Factory provides a platform for European citizens who wish to actively participate in shaping a democratic, peaceful, open-minded and solidary Europe that is capable of acting.

Focal points

European idea : In view of the current and ongoing crisis which is threatening the European project, how can we contribute to strengthen the European idea inside and outside of Europe, and what can be the specific role of France and Germany within this process?

Dealing with history: With a European 20th century characterized by wars, dictatorships and colonial violence, how can we develop constructive approaches in dealing with sensitive history-issues in Europe which encourage critical thinking and dialogue between different interpretations of history?

Migration and integration: With the increasing of encounters, in Europe and beyond, between persons of different cultural backgrounds and values, and also the development of an increasingly interdependent world , how can we develop tools in order to deal with intercultural issues and to foster integration processes within and between our societies?

Western Balkans: Seeing the Western Balkans as an integral part of Europe, how can we contribute to the democratic developments within Western Balkans and to the European integration process of their citizens, societies and states?

Entrepreneurship: How can we strengthen connections between social responsibility and economical development, and contribute, also within enterprises, to the development of intercultural skills which constitute a key-competence in order to understand and shape the globalized world?

Methods and tools

Crossborder Factory develops intercultural projects, scenarios, recommendations and counselling, prototypes, concepts and experiments in the context of the its work areas and focal points. We propose activities and carry them out, and are open to cooperation with other organizations. We work with companies, NGOs and the public sector.

Other activities include seminars, study tours, workshops, Open Space and non-conferences, as well as public campaigns.

Crossborder Factory is part of the coordination team of « Memory Lab – Trans-European Exchange Platform on History and Remebrance», which brings together initiatives in the field of dealing with difficult pasts (wars, dictatorship) from different countries of the Western Balkans on the one hand and from Western/Central Europe on the other hand.

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