Memorial Association in the Cemetery of Cáceres (AMECECA)


The Memorial Associarion in the Cemetery of Cáceres (AMECECA) stands as a bastion for the preservation and commemoration of the victims of Francoist repression in the city of Cáceres, Spain.

AMECECA’s mission is multi-faceted: it endeavors to secure public acknowledgment and homage for those silenced by Franco’s regime, to serve as a haven for the kin of these victims, to collaborate with governmental bodies in dignifying their memory, to illuminate the historical tapestry shrouding their demise, and to foster alliances with kindred associations across Extremadura, Spain, Europe, and Latin America. To this end, AMECECA organizes a series of activities such as tribute days dedicated to the victims, protest events, conferences, book presentations and screenings of documentaries, among others. At present, the association spearheads several advocacy campaigns, notably:

A. A campaign advocating for the establishment of a state-sanctioned memorial center within the confines of Cáceres’ former provincial prison.

B. An endeavor urging the formal recognition, signposting, and inclusion within Extremadura’s Registry of Sites of Historical and Democratic Memory, as well as designation as Places of Memory in accordance with Spain’s Democratic Memory legislation, for:

  • The erstwhile Provincial Prison of Cáceres.
  • The former concentration camp of Los Arenales in Cáceres.
  • The extant Cáceres Bullring, once contiguous to the former Francoist concentration camp of Los Arenales.
  • The present-day Trujillo Bullring, used during the dictatorship as a concentration camp.
  • The contemporary Plasencia Bullring, that served as a concentration camp during Franco’s regime.
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