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Summary #1


Introdcuding Observing Memories, by Jordi Guixé i Coromines


The Memorial’s Vernacular Arc. Between Berlin’s Denkmal and New York City’s Memorial, by James E. Young

Time, Memory and History. At the crossroads of European Memory, by Henry Rousso


Elizabeth Jelin: Memory, a hinge between past and present, by Laura Mombello


History will liberate, by Pavel Tychtl

Re-Use of Nazi symbols in Germany after 1945, by Stefanie Endlich


The unspeakeable. Feminine resistances: the figure of the republican women in Carolina Astudillo’s documentary cinema, by Laia Quílez Esteve


Aljube Museum – Resistance and Freedom. Musealization of a «difficult heritage», by Luís Farinha

Perseverance and Place: A Review of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, by Zina Precht-Rodriguez

The House of European History, interview with Constanze Itzel

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Monument in San Francisco, by Marina Garde

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