One of the priority lines of the Government of Navarra in terms of historical memory has been the democratization of public space through the Francoist Symbology Withdrawal Program. It is a legal mandate, but it is also an ethical duty to our past, our present and our future.

The Francoist Symbology Withdrawal Program wants to strengthen a democratic memory in Navarra and move towards a culture of peace and respect for Human Rights. For this reason, it is necessary to remove from our streets and squares the symbols of exaltation of violence, as well as the honorable mentions and distinctions to those who collaborated with the military coup, the dictatorship and the violence exercised against thousands of families in Navarra. They are symbols that do not respect the values ​​of peace, coexistence and freedom, and are an affront to the victims.

This interactive proposal allows users to geolocate and learn about the Francoist symbols that, since 2016, have been removed in Navarra by City Councils and the regional Government. But above all, it aims to explain the reasons for the withdrawal and why it is so important.


Instituto Navarro de la Memoria
Juan Carlos García Funes


Gobierno de Navarra


Instituto Navarro de la Memoria

Original idea and direction

Jordi Guixé and Núria Ricart

Graphic design

Gerard Miquel

Technical and artistic development

Núria Ricart and Violeta Bofarull


Marc Coromines


Archivo Municipal de Tudela
Archivo Municipal de Pamplona
Diario de Noticias
Iñaki Porto
Iñigo Uriz
José María Merino
Patxi Cascante