Webinar: The Use of Video Testimonies in the Classroom


This free webinar organized in the framework of the project REMEMCHILD will discuss details of teaching with testimony, focusing on the USC Shoah Foundation’s archive of 55,000 testimonies with survivors and rescuers of genocidal violence.

The focus will be on pedagogy and the IWitness educational platform. IWitness has been developed by the USC Shoah Foundation and provides access to a vast collection of audiovisual testimonies from survivors and witnesses of genocide and mass atrocities. The platform allows educators and students to engage with these testimonies in a dynamic and interactive way, using them as a tool for learning and teaching about the experiences of those who lived through these events. IWitness provides a range of resources, including curated activities and multimedia tools, that enable users to explore the testimonies in depth and develop critical thinking and analytical skills. The platform is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, with customizable features that allow educators to tailor the content to their specific teaching needs.


Through IWitness, the USC Shoah Foundation aims to promote empathy, tolerance, and understanding, and to inspire future generations to become agents of positive social change. The IWitness platform is international and provides content –educational materials and curated clips in 17 languages. The webinar will also explore how testimony clips can be used in various disciplines for various age groups and will focus on specific, testimony-based programs, too.


Andrea Szőnyi is the director of Hungarian educational NGO Zachor Foundation for Social Remembrance, founded in 2007.  She is also the head of international education of the USC Shoah Foundation. She is the author of several multimedia and digital, testimony-based educational materials and runs educational programs including professional development programs for teachers in Hungary and abroad. Likewise, she is an International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) delegate and the 2023 chair of IHRA’s Education Working Group.

Organizer: EuroClio, in cooperation with the Zachor Foundation and the USC Shoah Memorial.


May 24 | 16:00 CEST
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