Urban art, memory and education

Graffiti Performance
  • A group of 70 students of the Art Baccalaureate of the School La Industrial will paint a collective wall at the former prison La Model reflecting the memorial work on the exile and the migrations developed within the transversal workshop “Historical memory, Rap and Graffiti”;
  • The painting has been coordinated by the urban artist Lucas Vico and was developed in parallel with the hip hop and rap music workshops the students went through in November and December 2021;
  • The action is included in the programme “Republican Spring” proposed by the City Council of Barcelona to remember the Second Spanish Republic.

Seventy students of the subjects Catalan Language and Literature and Artistic Drawing of the Art School La Industrial took part in the second edition of the project “Rap for memories” developed by the popular school Versembrant and the EUROM with the support of the City Council of Barcelona. The project aims to raise awareness about memory and history among young people through their own personal and family histories. During the workshops, the participants created lyrics, melodies, and images that reflect experiences of exile and migration. The results will be collected in the graffiti and in a video clip with their songs.

The rap workshops were carried out in November and December of 2021 by the musicians Pau Llonch and Bittah, and the art wall was developed in cooperation with the urban artist Lucas Vico and with the support of Montana Colors. The project counts on the complicity of the teachers Esperança Canadell (Catalan language and Literature), Daniel Chust and Thaïs Rovira (Artistic Drawing).


April 7, 2022


Centre Cultural La Model
C/ d’Entença, 155
08029 Barcelona

Other Institutions Involved

Escola Popular Versembrant
Escola d’Art La Industrial
Ajuntament de Barcelona

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