Trieste – Thessaloniki

La Model Cinema Cycle | Session 4
  • Bru and Oriol Rovira present the documentary “Trieste-Tesalónica” in the last session of the movie cycle curated by Carolina Astudillo at the former prison La Model in Barcelona;
  • The film is a road documentary following the journalist Bru Rovira throughout the places he covered as a correspondent during the war in the Balkans;
  • The itinerary begins in the northern Italian city of Trieste, where the Nazis turned a rice mill into a concentration camp with a crematorium oven, and ends in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, one of the places in Europe where refugees arrive until nowadays fleeing eternal conflicts.

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A father and son go on a motor home trip through the Balkans. The father is returning to the scene twenty-five years after covering the war in the former Yugoslavia as a journalist. The son accompanies him for the first time with a camera. Along the way, the signs of history live on in the present of this European region on the border between East and West, where today we find new refugees trying to reach Europe fleeing the old conflicts of all time. From Trieste to Thessaloniki.

Directed by Bru Rovira, Oriol Rovira | 2021 | Spain
Genre: Documentary
Language: Spanish
Duration: 65 min
Screenplay: Bru Rovira
Photography: Oriol Rovira
Editing: Oriol Rovira

About the filmmakers

Bru Rovira works as a reporter in several newspapers, including La Vanguardia, where he has been for twenty-five years. He covers numerous international conflicts, especially in Africa, and has published a dozen books, among which stand out “Africas” and “The map of the world of our lives”. Trieste-Thessalonica is his first film project.

Oriol Rovira studied Cinematographic Direction at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisual de Catalunya (ESCAC). In 2007 he directed the short film Passeig nocturne and in 2013 the theater project Shopping and Fucking by the author Mark Ravenhill at the Teatre Tantarantana in Barcelona. Since 2016, he has collaborates in the Film Pedagogy Project in schools “Cinema a Curs”. Trieste-Thessalonica is his first feature film.


Oct 20, 2022


La Model espai Memorial (Auditori)
Carrer d’Entença, 155

Other Institutions Involved

Regidoria de Memòria Democràtica – Ajuntament de Barcelona

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