Third study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Call for participation

  • Together with the Barcelona Youth Council’s Collective Memory working group, the EUROM, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, and Memory Lab are preparing the third study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • The initiative is part of the CJB’s Global Justice program which has maintained a close relationship with Bosnia since 2016 when the working group was set up to work on raising awareness about the Balkans’ ethnic and political conflict.

The call for participation is open until July 20 and is addressed to people from 18 to 30 years old aiming to make ethnic conflict visible and to build memory. The six participants will join a six-day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina in September where they will visit memorial sites and exchange impressions with Bosnian students. The program will also include a previous meeting in Barcelona and an evaluation meeting after the trip to Bosnia. The selected participants are invited to engage the Collective Memory working group in Barcelona. 

[The program may change due to COVID19]


Sarajevo remembering Srebrenica | Picture:
GlimpseofSerendipity on Flickr

Do you have any queries?
Get in touch with the Barcelona Youth Council’s Collective Memory working group: [email protected]

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