Theoretical reflexions and historiographical practices with digital sources

The European Observatory on memories is one of the case studies to be presented during this seminar, organized by HISMEDI in Madrid

The definitive explosion of informatics technologies, telematics networks, and multimedia resources have echoed in all subjects in the academic field. Their impact in historiography can be observed in theory as well as in the study object, methodological practices, narrative configurations, and in the form that results are presented. Newborn digital sources are being constantly added to digital historiographical sources, and these new formats need to be analyzed and interpreted with the use of new concepts, in some cases from other social sciences, and throughout the knowledge of informatic resources.

This seminar, directed by Matilde Eiroa and Juan Carlos Sánchez Illán, aims to make a reflection on the theoretical changes derived from this situation by formulating methodological practices that can contribute to the knowledge of research techniques in the framework of Digital History. The three sessions will highlight theory, methodology, and practical cases, gathering academics from the University Carlos III of Madrid, University of Valencia, University of Barcelona, the European University Institute, University Pompeu Fabra, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Extremadura and University of Granada. The European Observatory on Memories will be presented by Jordi Guixé.


  • Theoretical reflections: a new discipline of a new historiographical approach?

Matilde Eiroa (University Carlos III of Madrid)


Digital History: Features and Significance
Anaclet Pons (University of Valencia)

What is Digital Public History?
Serge Noiret (European University Institute)

The goals of Old History in Internet Times
Ángel Bahamonde (University Carlos III of Madrid)

  • Methodological proposals (I)

Raúl Magallón (University Carlos III of Madrid)

Query languages for digital historiographical sources
Rosa San Segundo (University Carlos III of Madrid)

Analysis of online media and journalistic sources of information
Lluis Codina (University Pompeu Fabra)

  • Methodological proposals (II)

Juan Yunquera (University Carlos III of Madrid)

Studying Facebook with Digital Methods. Introduction to Netvizz
Oscar Coromina (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Research Methods with Social Data
M. Luz Congosto (University Carlos III of Madrid)

  • Practical cases

Juan Carlos Sánchez Illán (University Carlos III of Madrid)


The European Network of Memory
Jordi Guixé (University of Barcelona, EUROM)

Women, science and higher education in digital press: an application of the digital humanities
Tamar Groves and Carlos G. Figuerola (University of Extremadura)

Spanish republican exile through Open Data in Science 2.0
Lidia Bocanegra (University of Granada)



Jan 24, 2017


Aula 14.0.11 Buero Vallejo
Campus Getafe
Facultad de Humanidades, Comunicación y Documentación
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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