The inner city

Teatro de los Sentidos
  • To mark the 80th anniversary of the first bombing of the city of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, Giovanna Pezzullo presents The inner City
  • The project is a collaboration of Teatro de los Sentidos with the Asociación Inefable and the Museum of History of Barcelona (MUHBA), and was advisored by the European Observatory on Memories

The Inner City is conceived as a sensory journey through the tunnels of the Shelter 307, one of the 1,400 bomb shelters built in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War to protect the population from the indiscriminate aerial bombing. This particular place is transformed by the company Teatro de los Sentidos in a live territory that hides flowing memories, emotions and feelings. A poetic experience aimed to trigger a reflection about the past, the present and the future, by asking: Why should we protect today?

  • March 30 and April 02
  • 6 p.m
  • 5 €, reduced 3€
  • Reservations: 93 256 21 00


Ideation and Project Management: Giovanna Pezzulo
Playwright | Inhabitants:  Lisa Marrani, Nelson Jara, Pancho García, Stephane Laidet, Giovanna Pezzullo
Lighting design: Pancho García
Soundscape: Stephane Laidet
Olfactory landscape: Giovanna Pezzulo and Nelson Jara
Interviews and workshops with witnesses: Lisa Marrani i Giovanna Pezzulo
Production: Lisa Mercuri

With the support of Centre Cívic El Sortidor, Baixem al carrer, Laberint Cultura
Acompanyament a la gent gran, Associació d’ Expresos Polítics del Franquisme, Coordinadora d’entitas del Poble Sec and all the people who gave us their stories, without which this creation would not have been possible.

With the collaboration and advisory of the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM).

Acknowledgements: Maia Satz, Jordi Guixé, Toni Vidal, Gabriella and Patrizia Menichelli Salvaterra, and special thanks to Enrique Vargas.


March 19 - April 02, 2017


Refugi 307
c/ Nou de la Rambla, 175
Poble Sec – Barcelona

Other Institutions Involved

  • Teatro de los Sentidos
  • Asociación Inefable
  • Centre Cívic El Sortidor
  • Baixem al carrer
  • Laberint Cultura
  • Acompanyament a la gent gran
  • Associació d’ Expresos Polítics del Franquisme
  • Coordinadora d’entitas del Poble Sec
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