“Srebrenica: Memory of a Genocide” is presented in Tesanj


In the frame mark of the 21st Anniversary of Srebrenica genocide, the Museum of Tesanj is presenting the exhibition “Srebrenica: Memory of a Genocide”, produced by the European Observatory on Memories and the Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona. This itinerant exposition has its origins in a series of pictures carried out in 2010 with the support of the Institut Català Internacional per la Pau and the collaboration of Fundació Pau i Solidaritat CCOO de Catalunya.

The 35 pictures of the current collection were taken by Alfons Rodriguez during two trips to the Balkans, in 2010 and 2015, to follow the commemorations of the massacre that killed 8,873 people, mainly men and children, in 1995. Throughout these visits, he witnessed the collective funeral of the bodies that could be identified and took part in the marches that every year remembers the journey made by the refugees that fled Srebrenica. The massacre of the Muslim population in hands of the Ratki Mladic’s Serbian troops is considered the biggest mass murder in Europe since the Second World War.


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