Roundtable | Ten elections to the European Parliament

School on European Memories | Summer session
Cover picture: Budget vote in 1979 (European Parliament) 

Coinciding with the 42 Seminar of Ventotene, organized by the Institute of Federalist Studies Altiero Spinelli, this roundtable will gather representatives of the European Federalist Movement, academics and Europeanist activists. The aim is to discuss the history and memories of the European elections. First celebrated in 1979, the suffrage will accomplish 10 editions in 2024.

The event is part of the Summer follow-up of the School on European Memories, that had its inception in Houjarray (France) last May. The 2024 edition of this joint project carried out by the EUROM, the Jean Monnet House and the Institute Altiero Spinelli will be promoted during the seminar.

The commemorative story Ventotene 80, published in 2021, will also be reminded and distributed in collaboration with the “Libreria Ultima Spiaggia”.  The contents of the volume are also available online.


Moderation: Fernanda Zanuzzi, European Observatory on Memories (EUROM)

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This activity is co-financed by the European Commission and for its evaluation we kindly ask your collaboration in filling out this survey. It will take about 10 minutes, and you will need the information indicated below. Thank you very much!

  • Reference of the Project: 101104202
  • Kind of activity: Training
  • Title: School on European Memories
  • Date of the activity: 04/09/2023
  • Duration of the event in days: 1
  • In Person
  • Place: Ventotene (Italy)


September 03, 2023


Piazza Castello
Ventotene Island (Italy)

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