Rethinking Francoist sites

Barcelona Pensa 2019

  • The contemporary transmission of memories in Spain deals with different emblematic spaces, such as the Valley of the Fallen and the Monument to the Fallen of the Crusade in Navarra, the Memorial of the Requetés in Montserrat and the Francoist Monument in Tortosa.
  • This roundtable aims to enhance the interdisciplinary perspectives on these debates through the presentations of Emílio Manjuelo (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Mariluz Congosto (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), and Jordi Guixé (EUROM), moderated by Núria Ricart (Universitat de Barcelona).
  • The programme will be complemented by the memorial action “Unfold the horizon“, by Santiago Canción and Carlos Agüero Iglesia (Proyecto Catenaria), an ongoing performance that consists of moving through a territory by dragging a 100 meters blue cloth.
Cover picture: The Valley of Cuelgamuros without the cross and the Francoist symbols | Photomontage: Núria Ricart. In Observing Memories 2

The EUROM and the research project “Public Art and memory” jointly organize this activity in the framework of the festival Barcelona Pensa with the support of the City Council of Barcelona. The entrance is free.

“Unfold the horizon” is the result of an investigation process initiated in August 2019 in the City and Province of Buenos Aires. The action is described as the individual decision, driven by collective convictions, that destroying utopian stories is necessary to load the horizon and summon hope.

Repensem els espais del franquisme

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