Pyrenees, territory of memories

Coordination activity
  • EUROM proposes a cross-border cultural project to boost memory as a mechanism of social, cultural and territorial inclusion in the Pyrenees;
  • The first activity will gather a group of institutions and organizations currently working in the field of memories and the management of the past on both sides of the Pyrenees to design strategies for the promotion of sustainable economic development, citizen participation and the revaluation of memorial heritage in specific geographical areas of the border.

Geographical accidents have not prevented a number of historical episodes to present a continuity and simultaneity between the different national realities on both sides of the Pyrenees. Thus from several geographical points distributed across the territory emerge collective memories able to forge common, rich and diverse identities.

Between 1936 and 1945 two events marked the recent history of Spain and France, the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. The traces of both episodes have scattered a footprint across the border territory in the form of oral and documentary memory, as well as a rich set of memory places whose preservation should be considered as an important pedagogical tool for democratic development and the maintenance of citizen coexistence.

The existence of numerous patrimonial elements of the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War impels the existence of memorial narratives at a cross-border level such as the Republican and other exiles, the evaded from World War II, the resistance and the Maquis, and the defensive heritage (Line P).

The memories of these common episodes push towards this joint strategy as an umbrella for the promotion and the consolidation of further initiatives from the partners of the project. This first meeting will include the participation of representatives of the Peace Museum of Gernika, University of Zaragoza, Memory and Coexistence Department of the Government of Navarre, University of Bordeaux Montaigne, Bunkers’ Parc of Martinet and Montellà, National Archives of Andorra, Forest Technology Center of Catalonia and the City Council of Sort.

Guided visits

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June 14-15, 2018

Other Institutions Involved

  • Ajuntament de Martinet
  • Ajuntament de Sort
  • Ajuntament de Solsona
  • Arxiu Comarcal del Pallars Sobirà
  • Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya



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