Our Memories and I (Split)

Final dissemination event

Transnational meeting of the project’s partners

  • The last activity of our joint Erasmus + project “Our Memories and I. Youth, remembrance, and creativity in the face of society’s identity crisis. The role of memorial sites in Europe” will take place on May 8 in Split, Croatia;
  • The meeting will gather the nine partners of the two-year project who will discuss further approaches to the educational offer of European memorials;
  • The results will be presented on May 8 during the conference “Youth, remembrance, and creativity“, hosted by the Alliance Française in Split;
  • As part of the results, the interdisciplinary artist Roman Kroke will open a pop-up exhibition with pictures and stories of the art workshops he carried out in the four blended mobility activities of the project.

The final activity of “Our Memories and I” project will be held in Split, Croatia, from 07-09th of May, hosted by the Culture Hub Croatia – Platform for Education, Creativity and Development through Culture. All seven partners coming from France, Spain, Germany, and Italy together with the project coordinator European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) from the University of Barcelona will be coming to Split to share their experiences of the 2-year project and learn about memory policies and challenges in history education in Croatia.

The public conference “Youth, remembrance and creativity” will be held on May 8 at the Alliance Française with the aim to disseminate the results of the project to a wider public. The interdisciplinary artist Roman Kroke, who has been working with students from high schools involved in the project, will present a pop-up exhibition with the photographs and stories from the workshop. The conference will also gather professors and researchers from the University of Split, University of Zadar, Croatian Association of History Teachers and the Goethe Institute from Zagreb who will discuss the Croatian context of dealing with the past and interpreting memories. The artist Antonio Grgic will, in addition, present his projects related to memories in public space.

The last day of the meeting will be dedicated to a closed evaluation meeting in which partners will discuss the quality and success of the project and will work on the planned publication as well as on preparations for the final report. They will further take a guided tour to the fortress of the city of Knin and its Memorial Museum with a special focus to the museological representation of the action Storm 95’. The aim of the visit is to understand the challenges and difficulties of interpreting very recent memories of the Croatian Homeland War.

Pictures by Roman Kroke. Workshop with the students of Lycée Maillol (March, 2019).

Youth, remembrance and creativity

Presentation of the project “Our Memories and I” and results

Interpretation of memories and difficult histories through art and presentation of the pop-up exhibition
Roman Kroke, interdisciplinary artist

Culture, memory and identity – ethnological and cultural anthropological reflections
Tomislav Oroz, University of Zadar

The Shadows of the Missing Monuments
Antonio Grgic, artist

Memories in Croatian classrooms
Croatian Association of History Teachers

Learning about Holocaust and National Socialism in Europe using art
Petra Vidovic, Goethe Institut Zagreb

An overview of memory policies in Croatia
Aleksandar Jakir, University of Split


May 7-9, 2019


Other partners

  • Liceo Antonio Rosmini
  • Lycée Maillol
  • Collège Pagnol
  • OSZ Lotis
  • Institut Narcís Monturiol
  • MUME
  • Culture Hub Croacia


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