Our Memories and I – Berlin

Erasmus Plus
  • The group of 32 students and teachers participating in the Erasmus Plus project “Our Memories and I” will gather in Berlin for their third mobility activity;
  • The programme will include guided visits to memory sites and the presentation of the results of the artistic workshop developed by the interdisciplinary artist Roman Kroke with school learners of the Oberstufenzentrum Logistik, Touristik and Steuern (OSZ Lotis) in collaboration with the Stiftung Berliner Mauer.

The topic of the workshop centered around the metaphor of the “wall” and took as a starting point some objects exhibited in the Berlin Wall Memorial, including personal objects which had belonged to people whose lives had been marked by the separation of West and East Germany during the times of the Cold War. The workshop took place in a historic building which used to be a part of the Wall, located at the exact division line of the former East and West Berlin.


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