Observing Memories 4

EUROM magazine
  • The fourth issue of the EUROM magazine features articles on memory studies, public and colonial history, and memory policies from a transnational and multidisciplinary perspectives;
  • The new number brings interviews with Marianne Hirsch and Fernando López Martínez, and highlights transversal aspects of memories such as feminism, antiracism and ethics;
  • The writer Géraldine Shwarz, the social researcher Sarah Gensburger, the historian Selina Todd and the architect Julian Bonder are some of the experts who collaborated in this news issue edited by Ricard Conesa and directed by Jordi Guixé;
  • The magazine is available online and a limited edition of 300 printed issues will be delivered to the EUROM partners.

Cover image: The Statue of Robert Milligan outside the Museum of London Docklands on 9 June 2020 | Chris McKenna

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