Multiple Genealogies of European Memory and Cultural Heritage

Panel B1
  • Genealogies of Memory  is an international academic project run by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity in cooperation with the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Warsaw since 2011;
  • Its aim is to facilitate academic exchange between Central and East European scholars of individual and collective memory, and to promote this region’s study of memory among the broader international academic community through workshops, seminars, and conferences;
  • This year’s edition is part of the Memory Studies Association (MSA) annual conference and will take place online from July 05 to 08, 2021.

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The first panel will deal with the multiple genealogies of European memory and cultural heritage. Moderated by Siobhan Kattago (University of Tallin) it will gather EUROM director, Jordi Guixé (University of Barcelona), Rafael Pérez Baquero (University of Murcia), Francisco Martínez (Red EASA – University of Tallin) and Tom Crowley (University of Cambridge).

The panel addresses key debates surrounding European memories of war, genocide and totalitarianism in the 20th century in light of older legacies of colonialism, imperialism and the transatlantic slave trade. While mindful of the specificity of national narratives, the panel discusses the multiple directions and genealogies of European memory as exemplified in social movements challenging the pact of silence about Francoism in Spain, the material cultural heritage of Soviet memorials in Eastern Europe and the challenge of the Black Lives Matter movement to rethink European colonial pasts within the context of Brexit, British heritage and populism in Europe.

  • Jordi Guixé, European Sites of Resistance and Memory Heritage: Reside and Resist
  • Rafael Pérez BaqueroConvergences and Transnational Entanglements between Holocaust Remembrance and the Recovery of Historical Memory in Spain
  • Francisco Martinez, Memory, Don’t Speak! The Unsustainability of Soviet Memorials in Estonia
  • Tom Crowley, Reimagining British Heritage in the Wake of Black Lives Matter






July 06, 2021

Other Institutions Involved

  • University of Warsaw – Faculty of Sociology
  • Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe (BKGE)

Other partners

  • ENRS
  • Memory Studies Association
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