Memory and Power, a transnational perspective

1st International Symposium of the European Observatory on Memories

Work on history and memory of the twentieth century has experienced a growing interest in recent years in both the academic and scientific field and within the civil society movements, as shown by the numerous projects and initiatives undertaken in Europe and the rest of the world. In this sense, the UB Solidarity Foundation and the Research Group Memory and Society from the University of Barcelona present the European Observatory on Memories, a tool to analyze and understand the different historical and memorial processes of our recent past.

With this first symposium, the European Observatory on Memories proposes a discussion on how the different powers -local, regional, national and supranational- managed the public memory, either establishing frameworks of coexistence and participation, or by establishing official images of the past intended to replace the various memories by an official memory on behalf of the equalization.

The EUROM and the European institutions and entities forming part of it, want to create a transnational analysis network, on the processes of construction and management of public memory, analyzing the creation and implementation of projects of different governments and their relationship to cultural production and the political situation.


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