Memories of confinement

Citizens' Voice video collection


  • During the lockdown period in Barcelona, the EUROM team discussed how we, as historians and heritage managers, could contribute to collect memories of such a harmful and recent historical episode;
  • The debate resulted in this interview series that witnesses the confinement from a positive, supportive and solidarity point of view;
  • The production is part of our longterm audiovisual project “Citizens’ Voices” and was developed in cooperation with two local cultural centres and the filmmaker Carolina Astudillo.




  • Luís Monzón, Barceloneta Alerta Association
  • Julia Arcos, neighbor
  • Àngels Miñana, neighbor
  • Aurora García, neighbor
  • Teresa Albiol, fishmonger
  • Pau Huguet, fisherman

Baró de Viver

  • Ramona Luparu, neighbor
  • Loubna El Mezjeldi, neighbor
  • David Fernández, neighbor
  • Lluis Guàrdia, neighbor
  • Clàudia Morilla and David Sayas, Civic Center and Space for the Elderly

Project’s team
Direction: Oriol López Badell
Production: Jesús Floro, David Sayas

Technical team
Direction: Carolina Astudillo
Camera and audio: Maximiliano Martínez
Video edit: José Nicolás Álvarez



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