Anti-Semitism, new response to a never-ending challenge

A lecture by Jacques Fredj - Shoah Memorial Paris

  • The director of the Mémorial de la Shoah Paris Jacques Fredj delivers a keynote about new strategies to face anti-semitism;
  • The lecture marks the beginning of the partnership agreement between the EUROM and the Mémorial de la Shoah;
  • It will be held on October 29 at 6,30 pm at the room Ramón y Cajal of the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona;
  • The access is free, but previous registration is required.


Jacques Fredj is a Historian and took over the direction of the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center (CDJC) in 1992. Created in 1943, the archive collected evidence of anti-Jewish persecution and would later include the Memorial of the Unkown Jewish Martyr (1956).  In 1996, Fredj was nominated the director of the Memorial and started a plan for the expansion and remodeling of these two institutions, which will lead to the opening of the Shoah Memorial in 2005In 2012 he carried the project for the creation of the Memorial of the Shoah of Drancy. Jacques Fredj is the author of “Les Juifs de France dans la Shoah” (The Jews of France during the Holocaust), a co-edition by Gallimard and the Shoah Memorial,  and of “Drancy, un camp d’internement aux portes de Paris” (Drancy, an internment camp at the gates of Paris), published by Privat.






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