The Holocaust as a starting point

7th Dialogue | Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and North Macedonia

The 7th edition of this teacher-training seminar organized in collaboration with the Mémorial de la Shoah and Memoshoa Portugal proposes a dual program, where lectures and workshops complement each other in order to provide participants with new tools for the development of their work in the classroom. The activity will gather 50 teachers from Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece and North Macedonia in Lisbon with the aim of sharing best practices in reference to the seminar topics, including the Holocaust, the Spanish Civil War and World War II, the Dictatorships of Franco and Salazar, colonialism and slavery.  Participants will also visit some memory sites such as the two memorials of the 1506 massacre at the Alfama district, the place where the Inquisition was established and where the forced conversions took place, or the Shaare Tikvah synagogue.


The Jewish contribution in the Portuguese Middle Ages, in an Iberian context
Jorge Martins, Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon

Holocaust and cinema
Ophir Lévy, Mémorial de la Shoah

Sephardic Jews in Greece through family histories. Case study: The Yussurum Family and the Sephardic history of Athens
Anastasia Loudarou, Jewish Museum of Greece

Between the Adriatic and the Balkans: Sephardic Jews in Croatia and beyond
Dr. Naida-Michal Brandl, Chair of Judaic Studies University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (online)

Multiperspectivity – Learning about common history from diverse perspectives
Loranda Miletić, ETTA, Croatia
Renata Ozorlić Dominić, ETTA, Croatia

Exclusion of the Sefaradic community, persecution, Inquisition and anti-Judaism
Béatrice Perez, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Spanish diplomats in occupied France who dealt with the Spanish Sephardic community
Dr Santiago López Rodríguez, Postdoctoral Researcher in Holocaust and Genocide Studies | Uppsala University

Learning activity: Persecution of Jews in early modern times
Marcelo Magalhães (Lisbon) and Didac Rubio (Barcelona)

The Iberian Diáspora: Sephardic Jews, pioneers of globalization
José Alberto Rodrigues da Silva Tavim, Center for History; Chair, Seminar “History of the Jews in Portugal and in the Diaspora” Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon

The Sefaradic Jews in the constitution of the Israël state
Philippe Boukara, Mémorial de la Shoah



Esther Mucznik, Memoshoa
Loranda Miletić, ETTA
Maria Ojuel, Department of Education, Government of Catalonia
David González, EUROM
Gemma Simon, Memorial Democràtic, Generalitat de Catalunya
Goran Sadikarijo, Holocaust Fund of the Jews from North Macedonia
Vassiliki Keramida, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece
Bruno Boyer, Mémorial de la Shoah


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April, 28-30, 2023


Templo da Poesia
Parque dos Poetas, Oeiras
Lisbon – Portugal

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