Francoism and education

Mural workshop

  • The University of Vic hosts a participatory wall painting and a workshop on education and Francoism in collaboration with the European Observatory on Memories and the project Public Art and Memory of the University of Barcelona;
  • The action is coordinated by the urban artist Roc Blackblock and co-directed by the EUROM and the project AREAF of the Research Group on Education of the Faculty of Education, Translation and Human Sciences;

Francoism and education 2020

Taking the concept of urban art as a vehicle for transmitting memory and as a reflection tool for social transformation, this collaborative project integrates the historical research on Francoism in Vic driven by the Educational Research Group of the University of Vic with the support of Fundació Puig Porret. Its purpose is to reveal the appropriations, propaganda, and repression of Franco’s regime through social education. The concepts developed during the research project will be captured in a wall painting with the aim to arouse public awareness and reflection about Spains’ recent past.

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