Students who wanted to see the sea. Francoist repression against education freedom

Franco 4040

Debate and projection of the documentary “El Retratista” (The portrait maker)

The film tells the story of the young teacher Antoni Benaiges, who was assigned to a rural school in Buñuelos de Brueba (Burgos) in the year 1934-35. During that year he applied an original pedagogy, the Freinet technique, based on the children’s free expression. When the Civil War broke out on the following year, the teacher was executed and buried in a mass grave.

  • 18,30 – Presentation and debate with the participation of Sergi Bernal, photographer and author of the project Desenterrant el Silenci (Unearthing the Silence), and professor Gemma Tribó Traveria, of the Department of Didactics of Social Sciences of the University of Barcelona. Presented and moderated by historian Ricard Conesa (EUROM)


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