Las Ventas: the history of a women’s prison (1933-1969)

Franco 4040

Curated by Fernando Hernández Holgado, this exhibition aims to reconstruct the history of the women’s prison of Las ventas (1933-1969), in Madrid. Created as a flagship project of the republican penal reforms, with Victoria Kent named the first woman director of a prison, it ended up becoming a real “storehouse of prisoners” when the Civil War ended in 1939.


  • November 2, 19:00      Opening and guided tour
  • November 12, 19:00    Lecture by María del Mar del Pozo Andrés  on Justa Freire, teacher and educator imprisoned in Las Ventas

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Nov 2nd - 12th, 2015


Centro Cultural Quinta del Berro
Calle Enrique D’Almonte, 1
28028 Madrid

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