Painful memory and citizenship

Project Forced | Roundtable

This roundtable is the final activity of the transnational project Forced. Portuguese and Spanish Forced Laborers under National Socialism: History, Memory and Citizenship, and marks the presentation of the travelling exhibition “Portuguese and Spanish Workers in the Third Reich (1940-1945)” at the University of Paris 8. The debate will focus on the transmission of the Holocaust to younger generations and will gather experts, civil society representatives and politicians from Portugal, Spain, Germany, and France.


September 12, 2023

2,00 pm – 5,00 pm


  • Juan M. Calvo, President of the Amical de Mauthausen (Spain)
  • Paulo Marques, President of the Association Civica (France-Portugal)
  • Fernando Rosas, Emeritus Professor at the New University from Lisbon, coordinator of the Forced project
  • Arolsen Archives (Germany)
  • Serge Wolikow, President of the Foundation for the memory of the deportation
  • Testimonies from families of forced labourers
  • Fernando Martínez López, Secretary of State for democratic memory (Spain)
  • Augusto Santos Silva, President of the Assembly of the Republic (Portugal)

5,00 pm – 5,30 pm

Debate with attendees

5,30 pm

Opening of the exhibition Portuguese and Spanish Workers in the Third Reich (1949-1945)

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September 12, 2023


University of Paris 8
Amphitheater of the House of Research
2, rue de la Liberté 93200 Saint-Denis
[M°13 • Saint-Denis University]


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