Feminist memories. Rap and education

Project dissemination
  • What memories resonate among the new generations when talking about women and feminisms? How do young generations interpret and update these memories? What other memories emerge in association with women’s struggles?
  • These are some of the questions we want to highlight with the presentation of the project “Rap for remembrance”, developed in November and December 2020 with the second-year high school students of the School of Art La Industrial of Barcelona in collaboration with Versembrant.
  • The dialogue will include the participation of art historian Cayetana Gomis, teacher who coordinated the project at the school, and Alba Martínez a.k.a. Bittah, MC and Versembrant workshop leader, and some of the students who took part in the project.  Moderator: Laia Gallego-Vila, from the Department of History and Archeology at the University of Barcelona. 


The event will be live streamed on Youtube. If you are interested in attending it, don’t forget to add a reminder. The chat will be open to the participation of the audience. 


March 10, 2021



Other partners

  • Versembrant
  • Ajuntament de Barcelona – Regidoria de Memòria Democràtica
  • Escola La Industrial


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