Exile and childhood

Travelling seminar in Gernika
  • The Gernika Peace Museum hosts the last workshop of the project Migration and Humanitarian Aid in Europe (MIGRAID);
  • The meeting will gather the representatives of the seven partners of the project and will include an open talk by professor José Jesús Alonso Carballés and Iñaki Goiogana on October 27 at 18h30;
  • The participants will also join a Memoritour Gernika and will visit memorial sites related to childhood and exile on the coast side.


Wednesday 27 October

Visit of the temporary exhibition “Cartoons to remember”

18.30-20.00h – Keynote speech
“Exile and Childhood” by Jesus Alonso Carballés e Iñaki Goiogana


Thursday 28th october

The Gernika Peace Museum

Visit to the permanent exhibition with Iratxe Momoitio (Director)

Presentation of educational activities and materials at the Gernika Peace Museum, with Idoia Orbe (Head of the educational department)

Visit the Documentation Centre of the Spanish Civil War and the bombing of Gernika, with Ana Teresa Nuñez (Head of the Documentation Centre)

Visit of the Gernika Tree and Assembly House


17.00- 18.30h.
Internal meeting of the MIGRAID team


Friday 29th October

Visit to the Interpretation centre of the Iron Belt in Uribe

Visit to the “monument” at the Port of Santurtzi, the place of departure to exile.

Migraid Wrap-up meeting


October 27 -29, 2021


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