In Search of Freedom

Exhibition in Barcelona
  • The traveling exhibition of the project “In Seach of Freedom: 1968-2018” arrives to Barcelona after being shown in Ljubljana and Warsaw;
  • The curator Kaja Sirok, director of the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia, presented the exhibition during a guided visit on November 27 at 12 pm;
  • The exhibition portrays an image of the world back in the 60’s and the 70’s through the students protests across Europe, juxtaposing it with the contemporary imagery of the meaning of the search of freedom, selected in 2018 during an Instagram contest.


Has searching for freedom changed in the last 50 years?

Those who lived through the shortages and dangers of the Second World War wre astounded by the 1968 protests in which students across Europe fought for various political ideas. The former were unable to comprehend the younger generations’ desires and aspirations for a different world.

Today, in a time of growing social inequality, it seems that the issues and questions already posed in 1968 are still relevant. This traveling exhibition includes images of student and social protests accross Europe, focusing on the events that took place in Barcelona, Ljubljana and Warsaw, and juxtaposes it with the imagery selected in an Instagram contest held in 2018.

In Search of Freedom - Exhibition in Barcelona

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November 27|18 - June 09|19



Other Institutions Involved

  • Museu Castell de Montjuïc

Other partners

  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Beletrina
  • National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia
  • The History Meeting House


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