Alliance Montpellier-Barcelona Plus (AMB+)

Second Conference

  • The second conference of the Alliance Montpellier-Barcelona Plus (AMB+) will take place on July 4 and 5 in Montpellier;
  • It will gather institutional representatives, professors and research teams of the Universities Montpellier 1, Montpellier 2 sciences et techniques, Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, and the Univerity of Barcelona;
  • Created on July 2014, the AMB+  aims to promote scientific collaborations, the mobility of students, lecturers and researchers, and the exchange of knowledge.

This second meeting will include keynotes of general interest in the fields of Sciences, Arts and Humanities. The director of EUROM Jordi Guixé, will deliver the plenary speech highlighting the main debates and conflicts of memories in Europe nowadays throughout examples and models.

On July 4,  the EUROM team will also give a workshop to explore common research lines on history and memory of the 20th century, including memory places, heritage and memorial tourism. The workshop is coordinated by the professor Agnès Steuckardt, member of the University Paul-Valéry, and will include the participation of  Matrice Memory and over 20 professors and researchers. The first AMB+ conference took place on July 2015 in Barcelona.

Untitled design

Workshop “Mémoire”
Saint-Charles 1
Salle des colloques 1

  • Agenda

    Memory related research  at UPVM
    LLACS (Patricia Banères)
    CRISES  (Flore Kimmel)
    EMMA (Christine Reynier)
    CREG (Andrea Bunzel)16h00-16h20
    Jordi Guixé, University of Barcelona
    Michel Boeglin, UPVM, IRIEC
    Agnès Steuckardt, UPVM, Praxiling
    Témoignages de Rivesaltes
    Coffe break17h30-18h30

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