70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration

MAY 9, 1950-2020
Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman in the 1950s
  • Defining and commemorating the legacy of Robert Schuman, 70 years after the declaration that forged today’s Europe, is more than necessary.
  • From the EUROM we do it as a claim of the “idea of Europe”, a Europe full of challenges and crises, but also full of hope and opportunities that must not forget the collective nor the individual processes that shaped our free societies, our memories, and the democratic values of peace, solidarity and social justice.
  • This special online issue aims to contribute, in a critical and constructive way, to the debate about our common and indeed diverse past.


Click the image to read the story

Click the images to read the story

The Schuman Declaration story includes an article by the professor Sylvain Schirmann, lecturer at the University of Strasbourg, a contribution by Philippe Le Guen, director of the Jean Monnet Association, and an interactive timeline that highlights the most relevant facts of Robert Schuman’s life chronology.

Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman in the 1950s

Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman in the 1950s
Photographer: unknown | © Communautés européennes 1950-1959









Online story

Other Institutions Involved

  • Office of the European Parliament in Barcelona
  • The Jean Monnet House | European Parliament
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