Women, Resistance and (Un) Memories

Second Permanent Seminar GEICP
  • Women and gender are the thread of the second edition of the permanent seminar of the research group of Institutions and Political Cultures of the Institute of History Jaume Vicens i Vives of the University Pompeu Fabra;
  • The four sessions will discuss the construction of women memories from the forgetfulness in the fields of Colonialism, Revolutions, Populisms, and Resistances;
  • The attendance is free and the sessions will be broadcast via streaming.



March 11, 2020

Women, (Un) Memories and Colonialism

“Being a woman, in Guinea, under national-Catholicism”
Gustau Nerín Abad (University of Barcelona)

“Colonialism and prostitution: the case of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco (1912-1956)”
Begoña Etxenagusia Atutxa (University Pompeu Fabra)

“Gender, Otherness and Colonialism: Women in Colonial Morocco”
Rosa Cerarols Ramírez (University Pompeu Fabra)

April 22, 2020

Women, (Un) Memories and Revolution

Knitters? The construction of the image of revolutionary women in memory
Dominique Godineau (Université Rennes 2 – Tempora – EA 7468)

“Women and politics during the War of Independence”
Elena Fernández García (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

6 MAY 2020

Women, (Un) Memories and Populisms

“Let freedom Ring: Greater Caribbean women’s movements against Huey Long and Gerardo Machado”
Mariona Lloret Rodà (Ramon Llull University)

“Blood Without Revolution: The Gendered Politics of Opposition through the Twelve Years”
Elizabeth Manley (Xavier University of Louisiana – USA)

June 3, 2020

Women, (from) Memories and Resistances

“Trinitat Revoltó and Redempció Querol, two biographies of exile and anti-Francoism: struggles, debugging and resistance”
Jordi Guixé Corominas (EUROM, University of Barcelona)

“Oral memory in female: 11 days of the operation Recapture of Spain lived by the women of the Baish Aran”
Rosa Cerarols Ramírez (Pompeu Fabra University) and Mireia Boya Busquet (Doctor by the Université de Montréal – Canada)

“A female genealogy of imprisoned memories”.
Fernando Hernández Holgado (University Complutense of Madrid)

“Memory spaces from a gender perspective. Monument of the prison of women of the Corts”
Núria Ricart Ulldemolins (University of Barcelona)


March - June 2020


Other partners

  • Nexus UPF – Nexes entre Ciència, Cultura, Política, Religió i Societat
  • GRENS UPF – Grup de Recerca en Estats, Nacionas i Sobiranies
  • RiMe. Istituto di Storia dell’Europa Mediterranea del CNR (ISEM-CNR)
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