Signage of the perimeter of the Women’s prison of Les Corts


With a budget of € 53,000, the project will allow to complete the Monument inaugurated in 2019 by placing a 30 cm wide steel sheet, leveled with the pavement from the sidewalks where the prison walls were. In the different sections of the perimeter there will be the inscription: “Women’s Prison of  Les Corts (1936-1939, 1939-1955)”, and phrases such as that of Maria Salvo, emprisoned at Les Corts and other Francoist prisons:

“We felt free and responsible. That spirit never failed us in prisons”

The team of the Department of Citizenship and Participation Rights of the City Council has been working for two years to carry out the first participatory budgets of the city, with which the citizens decide on where they want to invest 30 million euros from the municipal budget. All citizens over the age of 14 registered in Barcelona can vote through the website Decidim.Barcelona.

Testing the signage: Acció Perímetre (2018)


BCN Participatory Budget
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