Our Memories and I – Grosseto

Grosseto Blended Mobility Activity
  • The upcoming and last blended mobility of “Our Memories and I” project will take place in Grosseto, Italy, from 7-13th of November;
  • Hosted by the two local partners – Liceo Rosmini and Istituto Storico Grossetano della Resistenza e dell’Età Contemporanea (ISGREC), this activity will gather students, teachers and representatives of other partner organisations who, on the occasion of the previous activities in Perpignan, Figueres and Berlin, visited local memorials and studied their existing pedagogical offer through practical and theoretical work.

In this case, the Memorial of Grosseto dedicated to the massacre made by the Fascists during the Second World War (22 March 1944) is still in the making. Therefore, the students will have the unique opportunity to become a part of this process by engaging in elaboration of proposals, brainstorming ideas and expressing their creativity. They will directly contribute to the final result of the concept of the future “Maiano Lavacchio Memorial”.

Prior to this mobility, a creative workshop will be organized in the school Liceo Rosmini in collaboration with the artist Roman Kroke, during which the students will be able to create artworks inspired by the events of 1944 and through creativity face the difficult history. The opening of the exhibition on the 8th of November will mark the official beginning of the mobility. During the following days, the City Council and the ISGREC will allow students to examine the authentic documents regarding the historical events related to the subject of the Memorial.

Furthermore, a study visit to “Salle de la Memoria” in Siena will be held in order to research and reflect on the key events during last decades which should not be forgotten.

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